Serve as Marvel Studios sole music solution and sonic curator for the studio as a brand, major films, including soundtrack services, as well as other products.

Format has worked with Marvel since 2000. 




Worked with filmmakers to help define the sound of Guardians of the Galaxy by using 1970s songs based on the main character's use of walkman and a mix tape his mother gave him, which thematically serves as a love letter to her son. 

  • The #1 album in the US for 3 weeks, recently triple platinum certified and grammy nominated.

  • Film grossed over $800 million Worldwide.

  • The soundtrack rediscovered songs for younger generations of music fans landing 5 spots on the Spotify Viral 50 playlist, alongside other songs popular in the youth market.

  • The soundtrack was landmark and record breaking - the first ever to reach #1 composed entirely of pre-existing music.


"Come and Get Your Love" - Guardians of The Galaxy



Sourcing and connecting high level musical talent to all Marvel franchises; e.g., AC/DC for Iron Man.

  • Iron Man 2 soundtrack reached #1 in 18 countries; first time ever that AC/DC contributed all of the music for a soundtrack, including original Bon Scott recordings.

  • AC/DC's use of “Back in Black” in Iron Man exposed them to an entirely new generation of fans.


 "Shoot To Thrill" -  Iron Man



Identified composer and worked to develop timeless sonic logo for Marvel Studios incorporating nearly 70 years of Marvel’s comic book history. 



Actively advise Marvel Studios on all music choices for their marketing materials, including film trailers, TV spots and Comic Con events.

Identify and create a musical identity for each character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Marvel is unique in that every film interconnects on some level, and musical identity is critical and must be conceptualized well in advance.

Numerous Platinum & Multi-Platinum Soundtracks: