Serve as Warner Bros. Consumer Products music solution, sonic curator and content creation engine for launch of the DC Superhero Girls brand. 

Create a sonic identity for the entire DC Superhero Girls brand line embodying the notion that with a strong sonic presence, female teenage super heroes could give young girls role models they’ve never seen before.



  • Created the wildly popular DC Superhero Girls theme anthem, "Get Your Cape On" which has been viewed millions of times in dozens of countries worldwide on numerous platforms and helped spark and fuel enthusiasm for the brand rollout.

  • Brand line became one of the most hotly anticipated franchises to hit the market in years and proved that young girls will embrace the universe of comics and super heroes.

  • With the success of the brand campaign and popularity of the rollout, Warner Bros. Consumer Products believes DC Super Hero Girls can become a billion-dollar brand, on par with the likes of Barbie and Disney Princesses.